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October 2018
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Los Angeles Times (January 3)

2018/ 01/ 03 by jd in Global News

“Although Trump is in a class by himself when it comes to incompetence, greed, mendacity, absence of values and unfitness for office, America’s ‘abdication’ of its world leadership role has been a long time coming. We have gone from overreach to inertia to incompetence, and damaged our standing at every step along the way.”


The Week (May 10)

2017/ 05/ 13 by jd in Global News

“We know how the Trump administration will end. Whether or not Trump ends up impeached, we know that it will end not because of an attempted coup d’état, but because of incompetence and an endless series of shootings in the foot.”


New York Times (December 17, 2013)

2013/ 12/ 18 by jd in Global News

With average incomes nearly tripling “over the past decade, India has reached a tipping point. “The old politics are over. The governing Indian National Congress, the centrist reference point of the nation’s democracy, seems out of touch, and with it the Gandhi dynasty. Passivity is giving way to a ferocious engagement. It is driven by anger over corruption, incompetence, inequality and inertia.” Change seems assured, but little else. “New forces and parties are emerging with unpredictable, perhaps even dangerous, consequences.”


Detroit Free Press (July 19)

2013/ 07/ 20 by jd in Global News

Detroit became the largest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy, hoping to escape nearly $20 billion in debt. “The word bankruptcy provokes an intense emotional response. Instinctively, many Detroiters feel the news is horrible and is synonymous with defeat. Fear kicks in as we envision our city being shut down and sold for scrap…. In fact, it is the exact lifeline we need to unshackle our town from the mismanagement, corruption and incompetence of the past in order to get on with the real work of rebuilding Detroit.”


The Economist (October 8)

2011/ 10/ 10 by jd in Global News

The solution to Europe’s crisis is fairly obvious, but there is one problem. The solution “depends on the Europeans to carry it out. The debt crisis has been running for 18 months now, and the only way that euro-zone leaders have dazzled is through sheer incompetence.”