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Bloomberg (June 15)

2018/ 06/ 17 by jd in Global News

“The trouble is, every time China’s leadership finds itself with the appetite for the long-awaited rebalancing away from investment and toward consumption, it finds itself staring into a terrifying abyss of slowing growth…. Beijing has been trying to take its foot off the accelerator of state fixed-asset investment almost since it tapped it two years ago, but private investment clearly hasn’t been sufficient to fill the gap.” Now a trade war is likely to “trample” the long-awaited rebalancing.


Institutional Investor (December 1)

2017/ 12/ 02 by jd in Global News

“Next year’s first review of Europe’s Solvency II regulations has given fund managers and consultants a platform to voice their concerns.” Though “most asset managers agree that the rules have enhances insurers’ understanding of investment portfolio risk” many also feel that the “policymakers mispriced asset risks” leading to unintended consequences. In particular, restrictions that “effectively ruled out some assets which could have provided higher, albeit riskier, returns” have proven particularly odious for annuities.


1843 (November Issue)

2017/ 11/ 12 by jd in Global News

“Globalisation has turned citizenship into a commodity.” Estimates suggest that each year, “several thousand people spend a combined $2bn or more…on adding a passport or residence permit to their collection.” Convenience and instability are two of the factors encouraging the acquisition of additional passports, which do not come cheap. “The required investment ranges from upwards of $10,000 (Thai residence, for instance) to more than $10m (fast-track residence in Britain).”


Institutional Investor (August 24)

2017/ 08/ 26 by jd in Global News

Last year, “investment in Central and Eastern European companies through private equity and venture capital” hit “its highest rate in seven years,” continuing “an upward trajectory since 2013, when the market bottomed out.”  Private equity fundraising rose 62% and “total private equity investment in the region hit  €1.6 billion ($1.9 billion).”


Reuters (July 27)

2017/ 07/ 28 by jd in Global News

“British-based investment firms’ long-standing ability to manage billions of euros of assets elsewhere in Europe could be threatened by Brexit.” Newly issued EU guidance suggests regulators will crack down on “delegation” with the aim of preventing investment firms from “setting up ‘empty shell’ subsidiaries in an EU country, to allow them to continue serving European clients, but leaving the bulk of their management staff and operations in London.”


The Guardian (July 2)

2017/ 07/ 03 by jd in Global News

“As the true extent of the Brexit farce becomes more apparent, it is now open warfare between the Brexiters, while the rest of the world…look on in sympathetic bewilderment.” Amid growing “evidence for concern about Brexit-induced potential loss of trading and investment opportunities,” there are growing hopes that the “transition” may be extended indefinitely.


The Economist (June 3)

2017/ 06/ 05 by jd in Global News

“It is the fourth time in a year that BA’s computer systems have suffered a major crash. And debilitating IT breakdowns are becoming increasingly common” across an industry with particularly high IT demands. “The sheer quantity and complexity of the data they handle make airlines particularly vulnerable to IT disasters.” And yet, “in 2015 airlines spent 2.7% of their revenues on IT, half the norm across all industries and a lower share even than hotels.” The pressure to pressure to cut costs is strong, given the industry’s harsh competition. The cost of an IT melt down, however, is much greater. Airlines must “refrain from pruning investment in IT too far.”


Financial Times (March 31)

2017/ 04/ 01 by jd in Global News

“On one hand, Premium Friday is a gimmicky, well-intended campaign to offset Japan’s overwork culture.” Even though less than 4% of Tokyo’s workers actually clocked out early on the inaugural Premium Friday, the campaign does represent “something fundamentally important to the next few years of Japanese investment: a defining theme of ‘working practice reform’ that will (for better or worse) penetrate all sectors of the economy.”


Institutional Investor (January 26)

2017/ 01/ 27 by jd in Global News

“It’s not even been a week in office and the Trump administration has already managed to send shivers of excitement through the arcane world of infrastructure investment with talk of new domestic projects…. Not surprisingly, asset managers with infrastructure teams are jumping on the renewed interest in the asset class, holding press briefings and webinars to provide clarity.”


Fortune (January 23)

2017/ 01/ 25 by jd in Global News

China’s investment in financial technology (fintech) has surged ahead of North America’s, accounting for “more than half of all fintech investments globally in the first nine months of last year…. Specifically in terms of venture capital, the country more than doubled its worldwide share of the investment category, rising to 46% of the global total versus just 19% the same period in 2015.” In contrast, the U.S. dropped from 56% to 41%.


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