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December 2017
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Institutional Investor (September 11)

2017/ 09/ 12 by jd in Global News

“China’s mobile economy may well power the nation’s growth for decades to come, becoming an engine that will more than make up for the slowdown of the country’s traditional growth engines, such as manufacturing and exports.” That is the main thesis of a recently published book by Winston Wenyan Ma, a managing director at China Investment Corp., the country’s sovereign wealth fund with more than $800 billion in assets.


Bloomberg (August 3)

2017/ 08/ 04 by jd in Global News

“Something may be stirring deep within Japan’s labor market. The country’s aging and shrinking population is traditionally thought of as a deflationary factor, driving down potential growth. Yet after years of resisting wage hikes, companies are starting to recognize the need to lock in staff before they literally disappear.”0


Institutional Investor (July 20)

2017/ 07/ 22 by jd in Global News

“After eight straight months of positive returns, hedge funds may have finally redeemed themselves in the eyes of investors…. Total industry assets under management rose by $34.1 billion to $3.1 trillion, with positive returns boosting asset growth. The renewed interest in hedge funds comes in the midst of industry’s greatest period of performance since the financial crisis.”


Nikkei Asian Review (July 9)

2017/ 07/ 11 by jd in Global News

“Japan’s listed companies saw their aggregate sales surge 20% from fiscal 2000 to 2016, while their net profit soared by nearly 40%. A look at some of the best performers suggests the growth can be chalked up to two key factors: globalization efforts and new business models.”


Institutional Investor (February 23)

2017/ 02/ 25 by jd in Global News

As private capital firms accumulate extra funds, the growth in “dry-powder” has caused considerable alarm. Uninvested capital expanded 26.8% in 2015 alone. According to McKinsey & Co., there really isn’t that much to worry about. Though “uninvested capital in the private markets has reached $1.6 trillion,” it “hasn’t outpaced growth in deal volumes.”


Bloomberg (December 4)

2016/ 12/ 06 by jd in Global News

In India, “the chaos accompanying ‘demonetization’ hasn’t eased up noticeably. It seems likely the disruption to the economy…will hit growth sharply for at least a few quarters. It’s tough to say for how long and by how much; we are in uncharted territory here and guesses have varied widely.” There is a very loose consensus, however, that the move by Prime Minister Modi to invalidate 86% of the currency in circulation could cause GDP growth to fall by approximately 2 percentage points.


Chicago Tribune (November 17)

2016/ 11/ 19 by jd in Global News

Despite his “nasty campaign bluster,” elements of Donald Trump’s “economic plan could boost growth and standards of living here and nationwide. This is potentially good news for millions of jobs-starved Americans.” But the devil is in the details. “There are yuuuuge caveats. Trump has not been good on details, he’s a serial exaggerator, and he’s completely out to sea in his insistence that America has the option to unplug from global trade. He also pays little heed to the nation’s $20 trillion debt, the looming threat of Social Security insolvency and Medicare’s unsustainable cost trajectory.” Still, the country could benefit from having someone who’s a “business guy and dealmaker at heart” in the White House.


Bloomberg (November 10)

2016/ 11/ 11 by jd in Global News

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) proved no match for the zero lower bound. “The Bank of Japan’s recent quarterly report says, in effect, that the central bank has done all it can do to raise growth and inflation, and that fiscal policy needs to step in and help.” The BoJ already “owns more than half of the ETF shares in the whole country” and is estimated to soon “be the biggest shareholder in 55 of the 225 companies in the Nikkei index.” Other central banks will follow Japan’s retreat. “The era of bold monetary policy experimentation that began with the global financial crisis is now drawing to a close.”


Wall Street Journal (November 9)

2016/ 11/ 10 by jd in Global News

“Donald J. Trump’s unlikely defeat of Hillary Clinton is a political earthquake of a kind that rarely disturbs American politics.” The President-Elect “will now need to pick smart advisers and show generosity in victory” as he “lacks political experience” and his “convictions on public policy are especially elusive.” He has “a chance to succeed if he follows through on his pledge to prioritize the economic growth that creates jobs and lifts incomes for all Americans.” He will need to “govern differently than he campaigned.” He will need to “discover a more optimistic and inclusive politics. Or so we can hope, if only for comity and the good of the country.”


Time (October 26)

2016/ 10/ 27 by jd in Global News

“The approval of Heathrow’s extension risks being not a symbol of Britain’s openness to global investment, but a reminder that the country is frequently hamstrung by turgid, centralized bureaucracy, deficient planning laws that act as a brake on growth, and a thornily complicated legal system that can bind up investors in court for decades.” Though the British Government approved expansion of Heathrow Airport, this is just the beginning of the process, which still requires a vote of Parliament next year and subsequent approvals from various governmental bodies. The earliest construction start for the new runway is 2021, with most experts agreeing 2030 is realistic for completion. Some, however, “think it may never be built, that the roadblocks in its way are insurmountable.”


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