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Toronto Sun (November 27)

2017/ 11/ 29 by jd in Global News

“It’s an odd notion: Canada works with Cuba to get them to work with North Korea to get them, in turn, to work with the United States on cooling their nuclear ambitions. But it’s a worthwhile approach… While there’s not a whole lot Canada can do, it’s good that Trudeau’s serious about at least doing what we can.”


The New York Times (December 12)

2015/ 12/ 14 by jd in Global News

“Canada’s generosity—and Mr. Trudeau’s personal warmth and leadership — can serve as a beacon for others.” Prime Minister Trudeau was on hand to welcome the first groups of Syrian refugees to Canada. He even helped one man find a winter coat that fit. Canada’s warm reception of refugees in need “puts to shame the callous and irresponsible behavior of the American governors and presidential candidates who have argued that the United States, for the sake of its security, must shut its doors to all Syrian refugees.”


New York Times (November 12)

2015/ 11/ 13 by jd in Global News

“For a majority of Canadians, Mr. Trudeau and his cabinet symbolize a renewed sense of national identity rooted in diversity, in humane and inclusive social policies at home and in humanitarian service overseas. The thrill of the moment may be fleeting, but it is invaluable for awakening new generations to public service and as an antidote to the cynicism about politics that has sadly become the norm in established democracies.”


New York Times (October 21)

2015/ 10/ 23 by jd in Global News

“The sweeping victory of Justin Trudeau in Canada’s elections on Monday shows how ready Canadians were to emerge from a decade under the Conservative government of the secretive and combative Stephen Harper,” who proved to be “at odds with” Canada’s identity, which features “core values, like a generous safety net, active participation in international organizations like the United Nations, a humanitarian foreign policy and an inclusive concept of nationhood.”