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The Guardian (April 30)

2021/ 05/ 02 by jd in Global News

“It is time for a public inquiry. The coronavirus crisis has been an extraordinary period for the UK, and the toll substantial. More than 127,000 people have died, children have lost years of education, and we have seen the largest drop in GDP since consistent records began more than half a century ago…. While the government has done some things well – the vaccine programme is an undisputed success so far – there are sincere, legitimate questions about many of its other choices.*


Wall Street Journal (February 17)

2021/ 02/ 18 by jd in Global News

“Continental governments have spent trillions during the pandemic keeping firms alive and people in jobs, but that safety net could be putting off the economic deep cleaning that normally comes with recessions.” Concern is growing that “mothballing the economy for so long will leave it struggling to adapt to the seismic business and social changes the crisis is driving. That could stall an economic recovery.”


Washington Post (January 10)

2021/ 01/ 11 by jd in Global News

“As spending climbs and revenue falls, the coronavirus” is forcing “a global reckoning.” The resulting “debt tsunami” will threaten “even stable, peaceful middle-income countries.” Costa Rica is just one such country “scrambling to stave off a full-blown debt crisis, imposing emergency cuts and proposing harsher measures that touched off rare violent protests last fall.” The “progressive, eco-friendly nation is weighing desperate solutions — including open-pit gold mining, even oceanic fracking.”


LA Times (January 5)

2021/ 01/ 07 by jd in Global News

“The coronavirus crisis battering Los Angeles County’s medical system is reaching increasingly desperate levels, with healthcare providers running low on equipment, ambulance operators being told not to bring patients who have virtually no chance of survival to hospitals, and officials scrambling to ensure they can provide enough lifesaving oxygen for critically ill patients.”


The Philadelphia Inquirer (December 2)

2020/ 12/ 04 by jd in Global News

“Nearly 37,000 Americans died of COVID-19 in November, the most in any month since the dark early days of the pandemic, engulfing families in grief, filling newspaper obituary pages, and testing the capacity of morgues, funeral homes, and hospitals.” As field hospitals are reopened and mobile morgues prepared, “health officials fear the crisis will be even worse in coming weeks, after many Americans ignored pleas to stay home over Thanksgiving.”


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (October 15)

2020/ 10/ 17 by jd in Global News

“Wisconsin’s crisis is one of the worst in the country.” New COVID-19 cases “have continued their meteoric rise unfettered since September, the daily average more than quadrupling in six weeks, so it’s likely that hospitalization and death numbers will become even more dire in coming weeks.” With coronavirus patients tripling in the last month, “hospitals across the state are at or near capacity.”


The Guardian (October 11)

2020/ 10/ 12 by jd in Global News

Weekly new Covid cases rose alarmingly in the UK from 116,000 to 224,000 leaving the UK perched “at a ‘tipping point’ in the Covid-19 crisis.” Only swift action will “avoid history ‘repeating itself’” according to deputy chief medical officer, Jonathan Van-Tam” whose “stark warning” emphasized that “the worst is yet to come if we do not ‘all act now’… and that the approach of winter made the situation even more grave.”


San Francisco Chronicle (October 4)

2020/ 10/ 06 by jd in Global News

“As President Trump’s fellow humans, we can only wish him and his wife the quick and painless recovery…. As citizens of the country he was elected to lead, we can only see his illness… early Friday, as the apotheosis of his mismanagement of the crisis, which has helped put more than 200,000 Americans beyond the reach of any well-wishes.”


Seattle Times (September 29)

2020/ 09/ 30 by jd in Global News

“The worldwide death toll from the coronavirus eclipsed 1 million on Tuesday, nine months into a crisis that has devastated the global economy, tested world leaders’ resolve, pitted science against politics and forced multitudes to change the way they live, learn and work.”


Plain Dealer (September 3)

2020/ 09/ 04 by jd in Global News

“Greater Cleveland’s economy has been hit harder than most large metro areas across the country during the coronavirus crisis…. Just three of the 40 largest metro areas – New York, Las Vegas and Boston – have done worse in terms of job losses than Cleveland’s 12% decline from July 2019 to July 2020.”


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