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September 2020
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Wall Street Journal (September 7)

2020/ 09/ 08 by jd in Global News

“The stock market barely faltered in the 1918-20 pandemic,” but history is not repeating itself. The similarities are misleading. “Yes, the markets have bounced back, just as they traded higher in the months after the pandemic’s start 100 years ago. But a careful analysis of the two periods shows that economic uncertainty has been far higher during the current pandemic than it ever was then.”


Los Angeles Times (September 4)

2020/ 09/ 05 by jd in Global News

The TV season usually begins during the third week in September. “For nearly seven decades, broadcast TV networks have used the season to launch new shows in the hope they become enduring hits—and to bring back fresh episodes of returning programs after the long summer hiatus.” The pandemic, however, closed down scripted production, “making it impossible for broadcast networks to premiere most of their new shows on schedule.” It may no longer matter in a world where streaming reigns. Ultimately, the pandemic may “accelerate change at broadcast networks” where the concept of a season seems increasingly anachronistic.


Investments & Pensions Europe (August Issue)

2020/ 08/ 23 by jd in Global News

“Credit investors would be wise to reflect upon the growing debt burden weighing on the global economy.” Debt has surged since the pandemic and it was already at high levels. “Global debt rose by $10trn (€8.9trn) in 2019 to $255trn. At the end of last year, global debt stood at 322% of global GDP, or 40% higher than before the 2008 financial crisis.”


Wall Street Journal (August 19)

2020/ 08/ 21 by jd in Global News

“Coronavirus infections are surging again across much of Europe and governments are racing to prevent a full-fledged second wave of the pandemic.” Infection levels still “remain far lower in Europe than in much of the U.S. The seven-day average of new daily U.S. cases is running at nearly 150 cases per million people, about five times the number across Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the U.K.”


Atlanta Journal-Constitution (August 18)

2020/ 08/ 20 by jd in Global News

“Atlanta’s once mighty convention and trade show industry has been shredded by the pandemic.” The Atlanta Market trade show drew just a fifth of normal attendance, but it was “the only major convention or trade show to be held in metro Atlanta since March after dozens of others were canceled. And it’s likely to be the last for the year.”


Billboard (August 17)

2020/ 08/ 18 by jd in Global News

The UK music scene “may soon be unrecognizable because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has plunged the U.K. economy into its worst recession on record.” While socially-distanced live music has resumed, under a third of venues can meet the requirements and most “would lose too much money on these reduced-capacity shows for it to be economically feasible.” Music Venue Trust, a charity which represents 670 grassroots venues, estimates that “more than 400 across the country are in crisis.”


New York Times (August 7)

2020/ 08/ 09 by jd in Global News

“One pretty good forecasting rule for the coronavirus era has been to take whatever Trump administration officials are saying and assume that the opposite will happen. When President Trump declared in February that the number of cases would soon go close to zero, you knew that a huge pandemic was coming.”


Institutional Investor (August 6)

2020/ 08/ 08 by jd in Global News

“Markets may have bounced back quickly from March’s Covid-19 crash, but the asset management industry will not escape 2020 unscathed.” The pandemic is “expected to shrink” the global asset management industry by almost $2 trillion. “The decline in global assets under management ends more than a decade of growth for money managers.”


Reuters (August 5)

2020/ 08/ 07 by jd in Global News

“Lebanon has added tragedy to crisis.” The devastating blast in Beirut “sent seismic shockwaves across the capital, killing at least 100 people and injuring 4,000. A health emergency created by the pandemic may now be followed by a wider humanitarian crisis. Chronic political weakness makes everything worse.”


LA Times (August 4)

2020/ 08/ 06 by jd in Global News

“There are growing glimmers of hope that California’s surge in coronavirus cases could be peaking—but don’t expect the pandemic-shattered economy to share much of this progress in the short term.” For the first time in three months, California’s new cases went down, decreasing 9% to 59,697 for the week.


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