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August 2022
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Wall Street Journal (July 23)

2022/ 07/ 25 by jd in Global News

The facts being presented by the Jan. 6 special committee are “sobering,” and “the most horrifying to date” was “President Trump’s conduct as the riot raged and he sat watching TV, posting inflammatory tweets and refusing to send help…. Character is revealed in a crisis, and Mr. Pence passed his Jan. 6 trial. Mr. Trump utterly failed his.”


New York Times (June 12)

2022/ 06/ 14 by jd in Global News

“Something truly terrible happened on Jan. 6, and confronting it is essential to healing our divided nation.” The hearings aren’t “simply about holding Mr. Trump, his allies and the flag-draped thugs storming the halls to account. The hearings challenge all Americans to recommit to the principles of democracy, ask how important those values are to us and face the threats posed to our democratic way of life.”


San Francisco Chronicle (September 16)

2021/ 09/ 17 by jd in Global News

Governor Newsom’s “overwhelming victory in Tuesday’s recall election was, on most levels, cause for celebration. A loss would have been a disaster for the state at a time it could least afford it.” As Trump’s grip loosens, the ex-President remains “a pustule on the face of the nation,” but is no longer “even the biggest pockmark in his home state of Florida.” This recall sham was “perpetrated by a party that would rather play dirty tricks than adjust its policies to the 21st century. And voters knew it.”


New York Times (July 30)

2021/ 07/ 31 by jd in Global News

“Mr. Biden has managed to do what Mr. Trump repeatedly promised but never could pull off: move forward on a big-spending, bipartisan deal to rebuild American roads, bridges, water pipes and more.”


USA Today (February 22)

2021/ 02/ 24 by jd in Global News

“How can we honor the more than half-million Americans who lost their lives to COVID-19 while marking former President Donald Trump’s shameless failure to ‘preserve, protect and defend’ this country and its Constitution? Easy. Let’s bury the dead at Mar-a-Lago.”


The New Yorker (February 14)

2021/ 02/ 15 by jd in Global News

“Trump’s defense was an insult to the impeachment proceedings and an assault on reason…. Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial was an artifact of his Presidency. It was a battle of meaning against noise, against nothing-means-anything-and-everything-is-the-same nihilism—and nihilism won.”


Washington Post (February 14)

2021/ 02/ 15 by jd in Global News

“It’s a sign of how far and how fast the ex-president has fallen that opponents of impeachment rationalized their votes by saying, as McConnell did, that Trump must still confront the “criminal justice system” and “civil litigation.” You’re in trouble when your would-be friends are saying you should be prosecuted rather than impeached.”


The Economist (January 30)

2021/ 02/ 01 by jd in Global News

“No part of the world matters more to America’s interests than Asia, and no part stands to lose so much from an American retreat.” As he sets about repairing four years of Trump damage, Joe Biden will find many receptive. “None of China’s neighbours wants it to call all the military and economic shots,” but “the trick for President Joe Biden will be to restore faith in America without asking Asian countries to take its side openly against China.”


Los Angeles Times (January 21)

2021/ 01/ 23 by jd in Global News

“On the first day of the Biden administration, we had already seen something almost entirely missing from Washington over the last four years: A-list stars. Also, music.” Whereas “Trump treated the arts as an adversary. Biden’s first day told a different story.”


Chicago Tribune (January 20)

2021/ 01/ 22 by jd in Global News

In January 2020, “the U.S. recorded its first confirmed case of COVID-19.” President Trump “insisted, his administration had the virus ‘totally under control.’” Instead, “after a year of presidential denials of reality and responsibility, the pandemic’s U.S. death toll has eclipsed 400,000. And the loss of lives is accelerating.”


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