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January 2022
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AP News (January 13)

2022/ 01/ 15 by jd in Global News

“Earth simmered to the sixth hottest year on record in 2021.” This “did not represent a cooling off of human-caused climate change” as La Nina lowered temperatures. Indeed, 2021 was the hottest La Nina year ever and “part of a long-term warming trend that shows hints of accelerating.” Data from both NASA and NOAA show “the last eight years have been the eight hottest on record.”


The Guardian (January 11)

2022/ 01/ 12 by jd in Global News

“If you want to know how fast climate change is happening, the answer is in the oceans.” Last year, they “absorbed heat equivalent to seven Hiroshima atomic bombs detonating each second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” Global ocean temperature data “paint a clear picture: the Earth is warming, humans are the culprit, and the warming will continue indefinitely until we collectively take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


PEW Research Center (November 19)

2021/ 11/ 21 by jd in Global News

U.S. fertility rates “were already at a record low before the pandemic began” and have continued dropping during it, “lending evidence to predictions… that economic uncertainty might trigger a baby bust.” The center’s recent survey shows even broader concerns. “A rising share of U.S. adults who are not already parents say they are unlikely to ever have children, and their reasons range from just not wanting to have kids to concerns about climate change and the environment.”


New York Times (October 22)

2021/ 10/ 24 by jd in Global News

Recent reports released by the federal government make clear that “climate change poses a widening threat to national security.” The reports lay out “the ways in which the warming world is beginning to significantly challenge stability worldwide.” These include “Worsening conflict within and between nations. Increased dislocation and migration as people flee climate-fueled instability. Heightened military tension and uncertainty. Financial hazards.”


New York Times (August 12)

2021/ 08/ 14 by jd in Global News

The fires ravaging Evia, Greece’s second-largest island “seem less a random act of God than another inevitable episode of Europe’s extreme weather brought on by the man-made climate change that scientists have now concluded is irreversible.”


Investment Week (August 11)

2021/ 08/ 12 by jd in Global News

“Climate change mitigation is high on the global agenda, with escalating pressure on governments to take action to prevent a climate catastrophe.” In July, the European Commission “unveiled ambitious plans to deliver a 55% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – relative to 1990 levels. The ‘Fit for 55’ package spans all sectors and could have a significant impact on high-emitting industries.” The plan could prove the “biggest investment story in decades.”


The Guardian (August 9)

2021/ 08/ 10 by jd in Global News

The IPCC’s sixth assessment report “makes for stark reading. It reaffirms that anthropogenic climate change is real, present and lasting: it is now unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land to an unprecedented degree, with effects almost certain to worsen through the coming decades.” With this report, the IPCC “dispels any notion that the effects of the climate crisis are abstract or distant.”


Financial Times (July 18)

2021/ 07/ 19 by jd in Global News

“With just over two months to go until polling day, the devastating floods that swept through western Germany this week have catapulted climate change to the heart of the German election campaign.” Most parties blame global warming “for a catastrophe that has left at least 140 people dead,” but the “dramatic scenes could prove of huge benefit to the Greens, who even before this week were set to make big gains in the September poll.”


US News and World Report (July 17)

2021/ 07/ 18 by jd in Global News

“Just as the European Union was announcing plans to spend billions of euros to contain climate change, massive clouds gathered over Germany and nearby nations to unleash an unprecedented storm that left death and destruction in its wake.” Both politicians and weather forecasters were left “shocked at the ferocity of the precipitation that caused flash flooding that claimed more than 150 lives.”


Houston Chronicle (July 15)

2021/ 07/ 16 by jd in Global News

“The $3.5 trillion budget proposed by top Democrats represents the biggest move yet by President Joe Biden to attack climate change, including provisions such as clean energy standards for power grids, fees on methane emissions from oil and gas drilling, and increased incentives for electric cars.” If enacted, the legislation, “would set in motion a historic shift from fossil fuels and deliver a blow to the oil and gas producing regions across Texas, which have powered the nation’s economy for a century.”


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