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May 2024
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Wall Street Journal (April 8)

2024/ 04/ 09 by jd in Global News

“Japan knows the Ukraine stakes.” In contrast, U.S. critics, especially Republican members of Congress are wavering on Ukraine aid, suggesting “the war in Europe is a distraction from more serious threats in Asia.” Tokyo realizes “a Russian victory may encourage Chinese imperialism.” Hopefully, during his visit next week, Prime Minister Kishida “can disabuse” Republicans of their errant notion. His government’s foreign policy “reflects the seriousness of the current geopolitical moment. Japan recognizes that the threat to the well-being of free nations is global.”


New York Times (January 13)

2024/ 01/ 15 by jd in Global News

“Critics of D.E.I., or diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, have tried to scapegoat it for everything” of late. “The economy and political landscape have changed since 2020, when companies hired D.E.I. officers in droves amid a racial reckoning after the murder of George Floyd. Recently, D.E.I. programs have become less visible.” It may be rebranding, but “over the past two years, hiring for D.E.I. roles has plunged and the number of investor calls mentioning D.E.I. has dropped.”


Institutional Investor (August 29)

2023/ 08/ 30 by jd in Global News

“Ever since ChatGPT burst onto the scene last November…so-called “generative AI” has turned the markets on their heads.” Venture capitalists, “coming off the worst year in recent history,” have “redirected their dollars to AI upstarts. Meanwhile, the stock prices of the big tech names suspected to be the major beneficiaries of this often-called ‘revolutionary’ form of artificial intelligence have skyrocketed.” In 2023, “generative AI and machine learning start-ups raised about $39.4 billion.” The massive inflows are creating an ideal environment for fraudsters and critics “are starting to wonder whether the latest technology is really transformational or merely evolutionary.”


Institutional Investor (August 23)

2023/ 08/ 23 by jd in Global News

“Proponents and critics of ESG claim it can change society. Both will be disappointed.” During the past five years, ESG investing has taken off. “By the end of 2022, global ESG funds had attracted more than $2.5 trillion in assets.” Regardless of this clout and “whether or not asset managers are ‘woke,’ ESG doesn’t hurt oil companies or provide capital for solutions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.”


Institutional Investor (March 10)

2023/ 03/ 11 by jd in Global News

“A politicized debate over the use of environmental, social, and governance principles in investing has led more than a dozen states to propose legislation that forces institutional investors to boycott certain companies, or bars the use of ESG factors entirely.” While BlackRock “has drawn the most attention from ESG critics.” Still, the massive asset manager has remained “an outspoken supporter of sustainability” and changed very little in its 2023 investment stewardship plan. BlackRock simply “doesn’t seem fazed, even as legislation and divestments could cause allocators to pull billions of dollars from the firm.”


Washington Post (March 6)

2018/ 03/ 08 by jd in Global News

“As the saying goes, you don’t miss the water until the well runs dry: This deeply aberrant presidency threatens to cost the nation much more than even some of President Trump’s harshest critics may realize…. It’s easy to lose the habits and values of democracy, but incredibly hard to get them back. Perhaps most difficult is to recover lost faith in the rule of law.”


Wall Street Journal (May 30)

2017/ 05/ 31 by jd in Global News

“Critics are accusing President Trump’s 2018 budget of ‘gutting the safety net’ with cuts to food stamps and disability insurance. In reality, the White House is proposing long-needed reforms that would fix a dysfunctional disability system that traps Americans in dependency.”


Reuters (April 14)

2017/ 04/ 16 by jd in Global News

“While individual companies are hesitant to criticize China for fear of backlash, critics from U.S. business groups accuse Beijing of unfairly subsidizing domestic firms and restricting foreign investment into much of the world’s second-biggest economy.” Meanwhile, U.S. business leaders may also be wary of offending President Trump even thought they are concerned given the “skin-deep results from Trump-Xi trade talks.”


Economist (October 1)

2016/ 10/ 02 by jd in Global News

“Globalisation’s critics say it benefits only the elite. In fact, a less open world would hurt the poor most of all…. There is a world of difference between improving globalisation and reversing it. The idea that globalisation is a scam that benefits only corporations and the rich could scarcely be more wrong.”


Wall Street Journal (March 24)

2014/ 03/ 25 by jd in Global News

The Obama administration announced plans “to give up U.S. control of the Internet to a still-to-be-determined collection of governments and international groups.” It’s hard to imagine this creating a better governing body. “It’s easy to imagine a new Internet oversight body operating like the United Nations, with repressive governments taking turns silencing critics. China could get its wish to remove from the Internet as an affront to its sovereignty. Russia could force Twitter to remove posts by Ukrainian-Americans criticizing Vladimir Putin.” Congress should override President Obama’s decision.