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September 2021
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Reuters (September 13)

2021/ 09/ 13 by jd in Global News

“Shortages of metals, plastics, wood and even liquor bottles are now the norm.” As these “hobble” the U.S. economy, “new challenges continue to arise, including hurricane disruptions to U.S. oil refineries.” Supply lines present additional challenges. “With so many manufacturers rushing to build supplies at the same time, the containers, ships, and trucks needed to move the goods often aren’t available, and have soared in cos…. That has disrupted some of the mechanisms that normally help keep supplies, and prices, in check.”


Institutional Investor (September 1)

2021/ 09/ 03 by jd in Global News

“Most Chinese internet stocks will need to move their primary listings to Hong Kong or delist from the US” in light of *updated SEC rules regarding the audit of US listed China stocks” and recent actions by the Chinese government. “We don’t expect this to mean a disorderly unwind of VIE listed stocks listed in US,” but “it is unlikely stocks with data considered ‘sensitive’ can keep their primary listing in the US.”


Wall Street Journal (August 31)

2021/ 09/ 01 by jd in Global News

In a best case scenario, the withdrawal from Afghanistan “frees the U.S. from a costly distraction and enables us to focus more on China. Let Russia worry about fanatical jihadist warriors and missionaries fanning out across Central Asia…. Let China cope with the double-dealing, back-stabbing, perpetually indigent Pakistani government. Let Iran deal with newly empowered Sunni zealots, uncontrolled opium flows and a stream of refugees pressing on its frontiers.”


San Francisco Chronicle (August 24)

2021/ 08/ 26 by jd in Global News

“San Francisco has long reigned as the priciest rental market in the U.S.—but it has officially been dethroned…. New York’s one-bedroom median rent rose a whopping 4.9% in August to $2,810, slightly more than San Francisco’s median of $2,800, which reflected a month-over-month increase of 2.9%.” San Francisco had been the priciest rental market since at least 2014 when Zumper began tracking data.


Wall Street Journal (August 23)

2021/ 08/ 23 by jd in Global News

The Government of Japan “is already on the hook to pay out nearly $10 trillion to its creditors.” This may appear *an impossibly large sum to rustle up” when annual tax collections amount to “less than $600 billion.” But today’s “economists talk more about the risk of issuing too little debt” and the U.S. may soon follow Japan’s lead. “Congress is debating trillions of dollars more in proposed spending that would push America’s borrowing toward levels policy makers in Tokyo have long embraced.”


New York Times (August 21)

2021/ 08/ 23 by jd in Global News

“The speed and scope of the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan has prompted introspection in the West over what went wrong…. China, though, is looking forward. It is ready to step into the void left by the hasty U.S. retreat to seize a golden opportunity.”


USA Today (August 20)

2021/ 08/ 22 by jd in Global News

“From the earliest days of the pandemic, public health officials told Americans that vaccination was the way back to normal life, but the path forward has become less clear. While COVID-19 vaccines were delivered in record time, the promise of vaccine salvation was upended by entrenched hesitancy, waning immunity and a wildly contagious mutation of the enigmatic virus that causes the disease.”


Washington Post (August 18)

2021/ 08/ 20 by jd in Global News

“Just as Afghanistan refuted the Soviet delusion that communism was the future, it has rebutted the American fantasy that there is a functional liberal democracy inside every theocracy or dictatorship, just waiting for us to let it out. Ethnicity, culture and religion are fundamental elements of human nature that have to be acknowledged, not engineering problems that can be solved.”


San Francisco Chronicle (August 13)

2021/ 08/ 16 by jd in Global News

“The wildly infectious delta variant that has raged across the world and forced the United States into a fourth—and in some places unprecedented—surge has reshaped the coronavirus pandemic into a plague that may take many more years to come to an end.”


Financial Times (August 7)

2021/ 08/ 08 by jd in Global News

“As Japan and the US square-off tonight for the gold medal match in Olympic baseball, the Yokohama air will be equal parts thick with history, humidity and the rich possibility of humiliation.” Drastically important, both countries will be competing in what is “a cherished national sport, a national obsession, a mirror to the national soul and a century-old metaphor for the swash and backwash of the two nations’ relationship. A Japanese win in Yokohama will settle and old, old score.”


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