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September 2021
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Wall Street Journal (September 12)

2021/ 09/ 12 by jd in Global News

“Joby Aviation, which plans to begin an electric air taxi service in 2024, is worth more than Lufthansa, EasyJet or JetBlue…. Earlier this year, Tesla was worth more than the next nine car manufacturers combined, though now only the next six. Beyond Meat, made with pea protein, is worth more than the entire market for peas eaten globally…. Do fundamentals even matter?”


Barrons (August 27)

2021/ 08/ 28 by jd in Global News

“It has been a rough year for investors in China, especially those who forgot that it’s still a Communist nation.” Investors are fleeing in the wake of “some surprising, and very anticapitalist, moves.” The Chinese market has fallen by “20% in the past six months, while some of its biggest names have dropped more than 40%. Has China become uninvestible? No—but it has gotten a lot more complicated.”


WARC (July 23)

2021/ 07/ 25 by jd in Global News

“China’s census, conducted once every decade, reveals the demographic trends of its vast and vibrant market, and brands that react quickly and demonstrate cultural relevance to these developments will be the most successful.”


Wall Street Journal (June 4)

2021/ 06/ 06 by jd in Global News

“Investors have piled into new carbon-credit-trading funds, helping make the upstart market one of the best-performing commodities-related investments of the past year.” In Europe, the trading price for carbon credits “has jumped 135% over the past 12 months and recently hit a series of records as economic activity rebounded from pandemic lockdowns. Only lumber, driven higher by the housing boom, has proved a better commodities investment.”


San Francisco Chronicle (May 16)

2021/ 05/ 16 by jd in Global News

“Pandemic or not, restaurants can’t find rental space.” The real estate landscape is “nearly as heated as pre-pandemic levels.” One would expect “tons of options on the market at reasonable rates, but there are few deals—and competition for what’s available is intense…. Landlords, meanwhile, are hesitant to offer discounts because they’ve lacked income over the pandemic themselves.”


Wall Street Journal (May 5)

2021/ 05/ 07 by jd in Global News

“Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is trading at more than $421,000 per Class A share, and the market is optimistic. That’s a problem.” The share price “has nearly hit the maximum number that can be stored in one common way exchange computers handle digits.” Nasdaq Inc.’s system tops out at $429,496.7295 and had to suspend “broadcasting prices for Class A shares of Berkshire over several popular data feeds.” Nasdaq says a fix is in the works for later this month.


New York Times (April 28)

2021/ 04/ 29 by jd in Global News

“California is awash in cash, thanks to a booming market. In a single year, the state’s financial outlook has gone from surplus to deficit to surplus as capital gains tax collections have risen amid a soaring stock market and I.P.O. boom.” At the worst, the state “anticipated a $54 billion shortfall,” but it now expects a $15 billion surplus in the fiscal year that starts July 1.


MarketWatch (March 28)

2021/ 03/ 29 by jd in Global News

“Despite the upbeat note that the final full week in March delivered, strategists and market participants were chirping about a major block trade in the final minutes of Friday trading that could portend further stress on the market, which has been subject to bouts of turbulence as rising interest rates amid the rollout of COVID vaccines and a $1.9 trillion aid package complicate the financial outlook.”


Bloomberg (February 21)

2021/ 02/ 22 by jd in Global News

“The American love affair with stocks is deepening as everyone from frenetic day-traders to staid institutions dive further into the market…. While aspects of the craze—the growing obsession with penny stocks and options, primarily—are the basis for daily warnings about a bubble, bulled-up positioning is proving a sturdy backbone for the rally.”


CNN (December 7)

2020/ 12/ 08 by jd in Global News

“With days left to reach a trade deal with the European Union, the stakes have never been higher.” Boris Johnson “will have to decide whether sticking to his guns on national sovereignty… makes real-world sense given the economic price the United Kingdom will pay if negotiations fail.” In a no-deal exit “UK companies, already reeling from the pandemic, would lose tariff-free, quota-free access to a market of 450 million consumers that is currently the destination for 43% of British exports.”


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