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Washington Post (June 29)

2016/ 06/ 30 by jd in Global News

Saudi deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) “has the potential to rebuild Saudi Arabia into a more dynamic country that’s much more able to protect its security and that of its neighbors.” Unfortunately, he is “also capable of driving his country off a cliff with his headstrong, sometimes reckless behavior. The stakes for the United States are enormous.”


Wall Street Journal (June 28)

2016/ 06/ 29 by jd in Global News

“The free world got a boost Tuesday as American, Japanese and South Korean forces completed their first trilateral missile-defense drill in waters off Hawaii. Deepening such cooperation is vital for defending America and its partners against North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, and for putting China and Russia on notice that the U.S. won’t be muscled out of Asia.”


South China Morning Post (June 27)

2016/ 06/ 28 by jd in Global News

“Thanks to Brexit, a new global financial crash is looming. More vulnerable economies risk slipping back into recession and deflation will continue to get the upper hand.”


New York Times (June 26)

2016/ 06/ 27 by jd in Global News

“This is just the start of the Brexit’s economic disaster.” Many of Brexit’s supporters distrusted experts and economists who were by and large supporters of the remain campaign. “Experts are, of course, known to make mistakes. But in this case, the people who voted for Brexit will pay a big price for ignoring economic expertise. The harmful effects of this vote are both immediate and lasting.”


Washington Post (June 24)

2016/ 06/ 26 by jd in Global News

“British voters have defied the will of their leaders, foreign allies and much of the political establishment by opting to rupture this country’s primary connection to Europe in a stunning result that will radiate economic and political uncertainty across the globe.”


Financial Times (June 23)

2016/ 06/ 25 by jd in Global News

Some say Brazil “suffers from a complex of grandeza or greatness. Lately, though, Brazil has been big in all the wrong ways. The country is facing its biggest recession. It is engulfed by its biggest corruption scandal. It has the world’s most indebted oil company, Petrobras. This week, it witnessed its biggest-ever corporate bankruptcy” when telecoms company Oi filed for protection.


Institutional Investor (June 23)

2016/ 06/ 24 by jd in Global News

“The referendum on U.K. membership in the European Union continues to dominate market risk narratives, with both equity futures and the pound sterling strengthening in early trading, suggestion a degree of confidence among investors that the nation will remain in the EU.”


Washington Post (June 21)

2016/ 06/ 23 by jd in Global News

“These days, America’s recovery looks vulnerable to a lot of scary economic shocks. Most of these come from abroad…. But right now, the single biggest threat to the U.S. economy is the risk of a President Donald J. Trump.”


USA Today (June 21)

2016/ 06/ 22 by jd in Global News

“You’d think that if there was one step both parties in Washington could support in the wake of the nation’s worst mass shooting, it would be to close a yawning gap in federal gun background checks…. Yet in an extraordinary act of cowardice,” over 50 “spineless lawmakers voted against advancing a commonsense measure to expand background checks to virtually all sales of guns, not just those sold by federally licensed dealers.”


New York Times (June 20)

2016/ 06/ 21 by jd in Global News

“Venezuela is convulsing from hunger,” with over 50 food riots in just the last two weeks. The mobs storming supermarkets, restaurants and stores for anything edible are showing that even in the “country with the largest oil reserves in the world, it is possible for people to riot because there is not enough food.”


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