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Bloomberg (December 28)

2018/ 12/ 29 by jd in Global News

“Who is the most important and disruptive leader in the world today? Most Americans would probably answer, Donald Trump—with Russia’s Vladimir Putin running a close second.” There is, however “a strong case that China’s Xi Jinping may deserve the title.”


CNN (May 9)

2018/ 05/ 11 by jd in Global News

“While Beijing has slowly become mindful of the monster it has unwittingly unleashed, it still believes that it can walk both these very thin lines—a North Korea that is weak but stable, and disruptive yet not explosive—in part because it must: China’s internal instability cannot withstand much in the way of external shocks, of which the leadership is well aware.”


Bloomberg (December 22)

2015/ 12/ 23 by jd in Global News

Rather than a battle to the death between “lumbering” automakers and disruptive Silicon Valley, the deal between Google and Ford proves “that Detroit and Silicon Valley are increasingly likely to collaborate rather than compete” to realize autonomous vehicles. Ford’s decision to collaborate “may accelerate the decline of the traditional industry, but by taking an early seat at the table right next to Google, the firm has secured a position of relevance in the new mobility paradigm.”


USA Today (February 9)

2015/ 02/ 11 by jd in Global News

“The Internet has produced some of history’s most innovative, agile and disruptive companies…. But the Internet has long been in danger of being co-opted by its least competitive and innovative part: its service providers.” Verizon, Comcast and other ISPs have been trying to “get a cut of the action” by forcing content providers to pay for access. “It’s great news that the Federal Communications Commission, after years of delay, is set to stop this from happening” with the adoption of net neutrality rules.