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Bloomberg (December 6)

2017/ 12/ 07 by jd in Global News

“Every bull market is unique, but the one in China right now looks downright strange. The Shanghai Composite Index has climbed 24 percent from its January 2016 low, and yet a majority of stocks in the benchmark gauge have fallen during the period.” China has become a global outlier. “For all 45 of the other national equity gauges that have climbed at least 20 percent since last January, a majority of index members have recorded gains.”


Wall Street Journal (July 28)

2015/ 07/ 30 by jd in Global News

When China’s roller-coaster stock market plunged downward in early July, “the Communist Party responded with every measure conceivable to fix the market.” This included the suspension of trading. “At one point in the middle of July 97% of all listed companies’ shares were not trading, 51% because management had sought a suspension and 46% because the share prices were down by the 10% daily limit.” On July 27, the Shanghai Composite took its biggest tumble ever, but this downswing “may be good news. Monday’s drop was due in large part to investor fears that the government is pulling back on market support. If Beijing has learned from its failure to prop up stock prices, that could mean the market finds a bottom.”


Bloomberg (July 7)

2015/ 07/ 07 by jd in Global News

As bad as China’s stock market rout is, things could be even worse. “Chinese companies have found a guaranteed way to prevent investors from selling their shares: suspend trading. Almost 200 stocks halted trading after the close on Monday, bringing the total number of suspensions to 745, or 26 percent of listed firms on mainland exchanges.” Valued at $1.4 trillion, the suspended shares account for 21 percent of China’s market capitalization. “If not for the halts, a 28 percent plunge in the Shanghai Composite Index from its June 12 peak would probably be even deeper.”