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Los Angeles Times (April 12)

2021/ 04/ 12 by jd in Global News

“The COVID-19 death toll in California has surpassed 60,000, an alarming statistic that comes even as conditions in the state continue to improve.” Though grim, California’s per capita death toll is lower “than that of the other most populous states” and there is cause for hope. Deaths are now down to 104 – 120 per day and the state will open vaccinations up to everyone 16 or older from April 14.


Star Tribune (March 31)

2021/ 04/ 01 by jd in Global News

Chile “appears poised to be among the first in the world to reach herd immunity. But experts say the country’s speedy and efficient vaccination drive—only Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Seychelles have vaccinated a larger share of their populations—gave Chileans a false sense of security and contributed to a sharp spike in new infections and deaths that is overloading the health care system.”


USA Today (March 31)

2021/ 03/ 31 by jd in Global News

“As coronavirus cases creep up again across the country, federal officials and epidemiologists say they’re worried Americans could hit another tipping point, leading to a forth significant surge of infections, hospitalizations and deaths.”


ABC News (March 17)

2021/ 03/ 18 by jd in Global News

“Optimism is spreading in the U.S. as COVID-19 deaths plummet and states ease restrictions and open vaccinations to younger adults. But across Europe, dread is setting in with another wave of infections that is closing schools and cafes and bringing new lockdowns.”


San Francisco Chronicle (March 3)

2021/ 03/ 05 by jd in Global News

“COVID-19 remains a deadly disease—but it took fewer lives in February than it did the month before. The virus claimed 11,286 Californians in February, a shocking figure that is nevertheless 25% lower than the 14,953 COVID deaths in January.”


Seattle Times (February 9)

2021/ 02/ 10 by jd in Global News

“The prospect of a fourth wave propelled by new variants is something many scientists and modeling groups are warning about.” For example, the University of Washington now forecasts “an additional 200,000 deaths nationwide through June 1.” There is “one bright spot… hospitalizations and death rates are likely to be lower during any fourth wave than in previous surges because many older people are getting vaccinated.”


New York Times (February 8)

2021/ 02/ 09 by jd in Global News

“Grim as things sound, there is great reason to hope right now. More vaccines are coming, and case counts and death counts are finally leveling off.” There is, however, also reason for great haste. “The nation remains locked in a desperate contest, between its own ability to vaccinate people as quickly as possible and the virus’s ability to mutate and spread ever faster. Right now, the virus still has the lead.”


CNN (January 8)

2021/ 01/ 09 by jd in Global News

“The United States reported 3,865 Covid-19 deaths on Wednesday, the highest number of deaths reported in a single day since the pandemic began. The nation’s death toll as of Thursday stands at more than 364,600… while the number of people who have been infected has topped more than 21.53 million.”


The Denver Post (December 15)

2020/ 12/ 17 by jd in Global News

“A quarter of Colorado’s nearly 4,000 coronavirus-related deaths came in just three weeks between mid-November and early December, and the remnants of this fall’s record surge of infections may not be gone yet.”


Chicago Tribune (December 15)

2020/ 12/ 16 by jd in Global News

“Health care workers around the country rolled up their sleeves for the first COVID-19 shots Monday as hope that an all-out vaccination effort can defeat the coronavirus smacked up against the heartbreaking reality of 300,000 U.S. deaths.”


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